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Updating Your Bathrooms to Sell Your Home

Sooner at a Higher Price

updated bathroom

  Home buyers know what tops their list of must-haves in a home and one of those top concerns is the bathroom(s). As a seller you need to realize that the impression your bathrooms give can actually make or break your chances of getting a reasonable offer. Bob Henley, a prominent Sarasota Florida real estate agent says, "Buyers often feel that bathrooms, especially the master bath, should be their 'personal sanctuary.' They want to picture themselves taking a relaxing bath or shower to forget the stresses of the past day." Will your bathroom let them feel that sense of escape or will it show them a badly needed update that is going to cost them money and time.

  What can you do to improve your bathroom's first impression? Updating an out-of-date bathroom is one of the best investments you can make to increase a home’s resale value and give buyers that extra reason to choose your home over others and make a reasonably-priced offer.

  There are many updates you can do by yourself, most of which are neither costly nor labor intensive, which will be advantageous. At the very least, you should

  • Replace out-dated towel racks, toilet paper holder and curtain rods with the type you see when you visit model homes or ones you see now in Lowes or Home Depot stores
  • Buy luxurious-looking towels.
  • Replace the shower curtain (and shower curtain liner) with a calming solid color that goes with the decor
  • At a big more expense, if the bathtub is old and stained consider a professional cleaning/resurfacing or installing a bathtub overlay.
  • While this will also be a bit more expensive, if the fixtures are old and discolored, replace them with modern fixtures.

  If you can afford a little more money and work, make your home stand out and get offers.

  • Add or update the lighting fixture over the vanity creating a more welcoming and inviting space.
  • Add some mood-enhancing lighting around the tub for those relaxing baths your buyer is imagining.
  • Add decorative glass accents. Replacing a shower curtain or the old aluminum sliding shower door, replace that old thing with a solid glass wall with a swinging glass door.
  • Replace the shower head with the latest model to add extra appeal.
  • Add decorative tile. It can be a big job but replacing that old 4" square tile with new 12 or 18" tile with a matching accent row will make your bathroom stand out among the other for sale homes.
  • Replace your dated vanity top with a one-piece granite sink/counter top. If possible expand the vanity in the master bath to include two sinks. This is a feature many couples look for and some won’t consider anything less.

  Dick Plumb, another noted Sarasota real estate agent notes that "Bigger is always better when it come to bathrooms." Buyers are almost never turned-off because a bathtub is too big or luxurious. Big tubs create that “sanctuary” feeling in your bathroom. Adding a large tub or a whirlpool tub creates a more spa-like atmosphere.

  Home buyers look for bathrooms that say "comfort and escape". They also want the work already done. They don't want to have to move into your home and start right away remodeling. If your baths have an intimate, contemporary feel, potential buyers will remember how they felt about this room in your home when considering your asking price and which home they ultimately want to buy.

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