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  First, let define what a Buyers Agent is ? Realtors, under the laws of most states, can act in either of two separate roles these days.   A Listing or "Sellers" agent represents the seller and is obligated by law to get the best price and terms for the seller. A Buyers Agent works for the Buyer and must legally and ethically look out for the buyer's best interest, not the seller's.

  Some Realtors work with Buyers only.   Others work with both Buyers or Sellers, but not both at the same time.   If you'd like to be represented by a Buyers Agent like Brian Ward or Dick Plumb, a Bradenton real estate expert, ask your own Realtor to act in that role for you. Then, you'll know your Realtor is "looking out for you," not the Seller.

  There is a special case where a Realtor® who has agreed to act as your "Buyers Agent" cannot represent you exclusively.   If he or she wants to show you a property that is listed with his or her own Brokerage Office, your Realtor® cannot represent you exclusively because his Brokerage Office agreed to represent to Seller when they took the listings. In this one case, your Buyers Agent is required to tell you in advance that he or she will not be representing you exclusively and is going to act as what is frequently called a "transaction agent."   In this case, your Realtor® represents neither you nor the Seller, but simply tries to facilitate an honest and fair transaction - hence the term "transaction agent."

  So, Why use a "Buyers Agent" ?  With a "Buyers Agent," your interests are represented at no cost to you.  The fee or commission to be paid to the Buyers Agent will come from the Seller under the terms of the listing contract agreed to between the Seller and the Listing Broker.   A better question might be, "Why wouldn't you want a Realtor to represent you as your Buyers Agent since it costs you nothing.

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