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Is a Florida Condominium Your Smartest Next Move

A Modest or Luxury Condo May Be Right For You

January 08, 2016

florida condos, tampa   Many baby-boomers, as they transition from raising a family to the "“empty-nester"” phase of their lives or from a full-time career into a somewhat slower-paced retirement lifestyle tend to relocate to a warmer climate like here in the state of Florida, Many of these people would also like to simplify the work associated with home ownership. Yet, these folks are not ready to give up the pride and sense of stability that comes with owning a home of their own.

  The option of renting may be appealing to some, but most of us still want to “own our own home.” In Florida real estate markets, today there are options to meet the needs and desires of everyone, and many people are finding that the condominium lifestyle offers many of the benefits of home ownership without all the drudgery that comes with a single-family home.

  Florida condos come in all shapes and sizes, in all sorts of locations from urban living spaces close to arts and cultural and sporting venues of downtown or on the waterfront on places like Miami Beach, Longboat Key or, in Sarasota, Florida where there are literally hundreds of Sarasota condos for sale. Other condos are set in more suburban areas, like the Tampa suburb of Westchase or the delightful town of Venice Florida, away from the urban traffic and noise, but closer to shopping malls, golf courses, public parks, nature trails and more family-oriented public facilities where you can entertain the grandchildren.

  Among the condos available in the real estate of Florida market, there are high-rise condominium towers, 2- and 3-story town homes and single-story villas. Some single story villas and patio homes are attached while others are free-standing. Many offer garages, while some provide community swimming pools, spas and fitness centers. There are one, two and three bedroom units, some even have four bedrooms. There are condos with one, two and three baths. Some are relatively simple in layout while others can be truly opulent. Some have simple views of the surrounding units while others have scenic views of golf courses or of the waters of the Atlantic ocean Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico. They range in size from less than 650 square feet to well over 2,000 square feet of living space.

  Regardless of which type or style of condo you buy, the condominium lifestyle relieves you of the responsibility for lawn and garden work, exterior building maintenance, and, if there is a pool, maintenance of that facility as well. You can go about your life knowing that the yard in front and around your home will always look well cared for, that exterior building maintenance is being done by licensed and bonded professionals, and that your property will always be in compliance with all local ordinances.

  Depending on the style of condominium you decide to buy, the condominium association may also take care of other amenities such as a well-appointed or even luxurious lobby, access security, exclsuive-use elevators, libraries, fitness centersand spas and meeting rooms, all facilities you’ll be able to use without the effort and expense involved in having one of your own.

  Another advantage of living in a condo is your personal sense of safety and security. Living in a building with others gives you a sense of security just knowing that there is likely someone else watching what’s going on most of the time including when you come home after dark. According to one Realtor who sells Sarasota luxury condos, most condo properties are well lighted and many of the upscale developments are gated with full-time security guards on site.”

  You need to understand, however, that such amenities aren't free. Your monthly condominium association fee will, of course, be higher as you add extra layers of convenience and security, but for many of us, those extra services are provided to you in a condominium setting at a much lower cost than you could provide the same services on your own in a single family home.

  “If you are moving to Florida, or considering downsizing and simplifying your life,” Judie Berger, a Sarasota luxury homes Associate Broker with Sotheby's International Realty says, “don’'t rule out the condominium lifestyle option until you’ve been introduced to one of more of the many luxury condo options available to you at attractive prices all over Florida.

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