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Internet Resources to Help You "Go Green" in your Home


Posted November 10, 2015

Building Green Homes   Owning a home of your own is clearly the ultimate "American Dream", but some of us now want to go further and move our homes is the direction that has become to be known as "green". Some may want to build their green home from scratch. For those, the trend to "building green" calls for using materials that are much more environmentally friendly, designing spaces to utilize energy more efficiently, furnishing the home with Energy Star-rated appliances, and avoiding waste and using natural resources as much as possible. For others, becoming more green, may involve just remodeling or updating your home.  In either case, there are many resources on the Internet to help you find your way.

  As the author of the greenhomebuilding.com website says, "The reason for building greener homes is really important. We need to live more lightly on the earth, because the degradation of our environment is compromising not only our survival, but the survival of most other living beings on the planet. We can no longer ignore the impact we have on the earth's ecosystems. The way we live, the choices we make in providing for our needs, will have an enormous influence on the quality of life of those who will follow us."

  If youÂ’ are looking for tips, plans and pointers to consider as you contemplate perhaps building that "green home," or just employing an environmentally-friendly approach in your remodelling, here are a few websites that offer help:

  • GreenHomeBuilding.com This website offers a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building including plans, designs and other resources that help get you started with ideas for your own green home. In addition to eco-friendly (sustainable) designs, you also have find options that focus on local architecture and use of indigenous materials. You can also seek expert opinions or buy building codes and other resources.
  • GreenHomeGuide.org is a guide maintained by the United States Green Building Council. This website offers comprehensive information on green-home programs, green remodeling guidelines for remodeling kitchens, baths, flooring and more... even landscaping as well as many other resources.  You will learn how to get your home Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified and other interesting facts and figures.
  • GreenBuilding.com: The author of this site, green building expert David Johnston, is a leading thinker behind the green building movement, transforming the way we think about the American home.  His approach to green building has been embraced by municipalities, homeowners, building professionals and sustainability advocates nation-wide. JohnstonÂ’s book, "Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Room at a Time," co-authored with fellow green building consultant Kim Master, and available on Amazon.com has been hailed as the definitive guide to green remodeling techniques. This website explains how a green home should be constructed and offers links to professionals in the field. The website also contains many "fast facts" about the waste that goes on in a typical home. You can also learn how to go about a green remodeling project or talk to experts on energy to learn how your home can benefit from such investments.
  • BuildingGreen.com offers a live feed of news items related to green building from around the world.  Other links offer access to green projects, products and informative articles.
  • GreenIsUniversal.com While this site offers some of the same resources to help build sustainable, eco-friendly homes offered by other websites.

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