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Making Your Home
Attractive To Buyers

homes and condos selling tips

  When you're getting ready to sell your home here in Florida, it's important that your home "shows well. The following suggestions will help:


  • Remove all unnecessary objects and furniture throughout the home.  Clear unnecessary items from kitchen.  A neat kitchen looks bigger.  Less furniture and clutter makes rooms seem larger.
  • Consider renting a storage facility to store excess lamps, tables, seldom-used kitchen appliances and furniture.
  • Remove most personal or family photos.  Prospective buyers need to mentally "see themselves living in your home."  Your family's personal items make it harder for them to do that.
  • Clean carpets, drapes and windows.  Wash the windows frequently and keep the cleans dust-free.
  • Repaint walls to soft neutral colors where necessary. Move to more "neutral colors. "If the ceilings aren't perfectly white, repaint them," says Bob Henley, a Sarasota Florida real estate agent.
  • Install larger light bulbs and leave lamps on during showings.  Brighter rooms look larger.
  • Untidy bedrooms, unmade beds, stuffed closets and toys scattered everywhere may be comfortable for you, but not when you're trying to sell the home. Keep it clean and tidy.  Store toys in plastic containers that can be quickly put out of sight.  Store or donate old clothing to reduce closet clutter.  Make the beds and keep clean towels and wash cloths in bathrooms.
  • Don't let it look like you've gone to visit Grandma. To successfully make your home attractive to buyers, get rid of that "dated" look. "Brighten things up and remove all that dated wallpaper," says Brian Ward, a noted buyers-agent for Sarasota Florida golf homes.
  • Play soft music during showings.  It helps prospective buyers relax during a stressful time.


A Buyers first impressions of your home will be what they see as they drive up.  It's called "Curb Appeal." A good Sarasota real estate agent can guide you through this.

  • Remove everything outside that doesn't need to be there.  Move garbage cans, etc. into your garage.
  • Make sure patios and decks are clean and in good repair.  Replace or nail down or replace any rotten wood or loose boards on decking or steps.  Pressure wash it to make it sparkle.
  • Check gutters and roof for damage or peeling paint and get it repaired.
  • Paint the front door. Put down a new doormat.  Make sure the doorbell works.
  • Mow the grass and fertilize it to make it as green as possible.  "Keep the lawn neatly edged," advises a prominent Sarasota real estate agent serving the Sarasota and Bradenton real estate markets.
  • Prune bushes & trees so they don't block windows.  Put down fresh wood chips.
  • Make sure the garage door is down during showings.
  • Check your mailbox.  Be sure it is painted, straight and the grass around it is neatly trimmed.

    According to a Sarasota luxury homes top producer Realtor, "Buyers want to see homes that are in just as nice condition as the builders' model homes they've toured. Try to achieve that level of neatness and freshness and your home will sell. Ignore this counsel at your own peril."

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